Re: [isabelle] Contributing some Q&A to StackOverflow; please help me to gain reputation

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Dear Joachim, dear John,

thanks for your feedback and for your votes.  You have helped me to
get started.

2013-05-19 10:43 Joachim Breitner:
> I’m not sure that this is a good idea. The reputation system in 
> StackOverflow is designed to reward questions and answers that are 
> useful to others; if one has to explicitly ask for reputation then
> maybe StackOverflow is not the right medium for that.

I agree – but I hope that, from looking at my questions and answers,
you won't say that they are not useful at all and thus don't deserve
any votes.  All I was asking for was a small "start-up loan" to be
able to do certain things on StackOverflow as a new user, such as
posting answers to my own questions.  Today I can start paying it back ;-)

> Maybe your surly interesting advice would better be suited for a 
> Isabelle style guide like document?

Originally (around February) I had been thinking of contributing this
stuff to the wiki, but the discussion on this list then encouraged me
to give StackOverflow a try instead.  And StackOverflow actually
encourages answering your own questions:

> But generally you are right that StackExchange is becoming a good
> forum to get Isabelle advise, and it would be good if more Isabelle
> users would follow it and more liberally distribute upvotes to
> genuine questions and useful answers.

Your (and others') posts in response to mine seem to prove, in a way,
that at least I managed to disguise my contributions as "genuine
questions" ;-)



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