Re: [isabelle] naming conventions (was "Want to use Rep_Integ or lifting after [quot_del] in Int.thy")

On Wed, 22 May 2013, Gottfried Barrow wrote:

1) What is one word which I can use to label the many languages that are used in what I see in jEdit?

jEdit is a plain text editor.  So you edit source text with it.

Isabelle/jEdit augments that a little bit to add formal markup from the meaning of the source text right into the text view. This conforms to the traditional notion of theory source text that you are editing, while the prover is telling about the formal content of it.

Anyway, there is this old joke about "HTML as programming language". For plain HTML 1/2/3/4 it was indeed a rather bad joke. For HTML5 I am not sure anymore -- too many computational add-ons as it seems.


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