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Hi Yannick,

This is an old version of the current Isabelle/HOL tutorial.


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> Hi people,
> I just discovered there exist a book for Isabelle/HOL at Amazon:
> ptu/182-9131467-6281732<>
> I searched for something similar about one year ago and found nothing at
> that time, so that's a good news. However, as it's a bit expansive (my
> average price range for books is in €15 to €25), I would like to know about
> its content before any attempt to get it. I clicked on the cover picture as
> it says “Click to look inside”, but nothing happened (no preview).
> So I would like to know if someone here already get that book and if it's
> worth the price.
> Thanks for any advices.
> P.S. As a question aside, if there are exclusive contents in this book, is
> there an electronic version planned? (may be an electronic version would be
> more affordable and I'm planning to get an ebook reader sooner of later
> this year).
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