Re: [isabelle] I/O error after "Isabelle build -o browser_info -v -c -a"

On Thu, May 23, 2013 at 2:58 AM, Makarius <makarius at> wrote:
>> But for ZF I get errors:
>> ### I/O error:
>> /home/reza/.isabelle/Isabelle2013/browser_info/ZF/.session/entries (No such
>> file or directory)
>> ### Browser info: failed to update session index of
> That is just a warning (###) not an error.  It could mean that the starting
> point was not fully "clean", e.g. with some heap for ZF left behind in
> ISABELLE_HOME/heaps/.  (There is a potential for confusion when the implicit
> build -s of Isabelle/jEdit and explicit build on the command line is mixed.)
> Note that the full HTML library is also available here:
> and of course here as separate HTMLs:
>         Makarius

That's awesome!  Removing ISABELLE_HOME/heaps fixed it.  I believe the
full HTML library doesn't contain IsarMathLib(why is that not included
in the main distribution anyway?)

Now my problem is:  Undefined session(s): "IsarMathLib."
I've looked at system.pdf but I'm not sure what to do?  (A beginner's
tutorial would be really super and encourage people to get started.)

Thank you,

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