[isabelle] AI4FM 2013 : Call For Participation (ITP 2013 workshop)

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  AI4FM 2013 - the 4th International Workshop on
    the use of AI in Formal Methods


    Rennes, France, 22nd July, 2013
     In association with ITP 2013
          --- Call for Participation ---

This workshop will bring together researchers from formal methods and AI;
it will address the issue of how AI can be used to support the formal
software development process, including modelling and proof. Previous AI4FM
workshops have included a mix of industrial and academic participants and
we anticipate attracting a similarly diverse audience.

9:00: Invited Talk: Nitpick and Sledgehammer: Automatic Proofs and
Refutations for Isabelle/HOL
           Jasmin Blanchette

10:30: The social machine of mathematics
             Ursula Martin
11:00: Verifying the heap: an AI4FM case study
             Leo Freitas, Cliff Jones, Andrius Velykis and Iain Whiteside
11:30: Applying machine learning to setting time limits on decision
procedure calls
             Zongyan Huang and Lawrence Paulson

2:00: Learning Domain-Specific Guidance for Theory Formation
           Jeremy Gow
2:30: Arís: Analogical Reasoning for reuse of Implementation & Specification
           Mihai Pitu, Daniela Grijincu, Peihan Li, Asif Saleem, Rosemary
Monahan, Diarmuid O'Donoghue
    2:30: Source Code Matching for reuse of Formal Specifications
              Daniela Grijincu
    3:00: Source Code Retrieval using Case Based Reasoning
               Mihai Pitu
3:30: AI and WCET computation analysis
           Hugues Cassé, Marie de Roquemaurel, Mamoun Filali, and Hajer

4:30: Drawing Proof Strategies
           Gudmund Grov
5:00: Analogical Lemma Speculation
           Ewen Maclean
5:30: Theory Exploration for Interactive Theorem Proving
           Moa Johansson

Formal Methods Europe (FME) has kindly agreed to sponsor a limited number
of PhD students.

* Leo Freitas (Newcastle University, UK)
* Gudmund Grov (Heriot-Watt University, UK)
* Ewen Maclean (University of Edinburgh, UK)

Contact Details
If you have any queries, please email the organisers at the following email

  ai4fm2013 at ai4fm.org

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