[isabelle] Code generation for "int" in Isabelle 2013-1 RC3

Dear all,

the code generation snippet in the attached file worked in Isabelle
2013 but fails in Isabelle 2013-1 RC3; a function resembling the SML
Vector.findi (http://www.standardml.org/Basis/vector.html) is
introduced in Isabelle, and then serialised to SML Vector.findi, but
apparently there is a clash between the Isabelle code generated
structure "int" and the SML "IntInf.int".

I have tried to import "Code_Target_Int" with similar result.

Is there an easy way to avoid such clash? (I could edit the SML code
by hand and fix types' declarations, but does not seem a proper

Thanks in advance for any advice,


Attachment: IArray_findi.thy
Description: Binary data

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