Re: [isabelle] Isabelle2013-1-RC1 available for testing

On Fri, 4 Oct 2013, Christian Sternagel wrote:

It might be helpful if Isabelle/jEdit would provide some more tool tips. I'm talking especially about the following buttons (with some very crude suggestions attached):

 - Find (e.g., "Search for existing facts")
 - Output (e.g., "Isabelle's reply to the command at the cursor position")
 - Sledgehammer (e.g., "Apply external provers to the current proof goal")
 - Symbols (e.g., "A collection of available mathematical symbols")
- Documentation (e.g., "Documents describing all things Isabelle and examples") - Sidekick (I have no clue... I never use it myself; could somebody enlighten me about its use cases?) - Theories (e.g., "Collection of all loaded theories (a red(?) bar indicates how much of each theory has still to be processed)")

These buttons are managed by the "dockable window manager" of jEdit. I can't tell if that supports tooltips here.

That subsystem of jEdit is generally quite useful, but it has some snags that are worse than missing tooltips: windows don't necessarily stay on top of the main view. This is particularly bad, if the view is in "full-screen" mode, which now works more than 50% of the time of various platforms.

People who feel like getting engaged in general jEdit improvements, should look around at and

There has been quite some fluctation (and also loss) of brain power of the project in recent years, but it is definitely possible to move forward reasonably fast. (Faster than Oracle does.) I've recently started an initiative to get jEdit on Mac OS X and Java 7 back into shape, and it is expected to be all there in the next jEdit release. (Isabelle/jEdit in Isabelle2013-1 has its own adjustments for that right now.)


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