Re: [isabelle] jEdit: Theming

On Tue, 12 Nov 2013, René Neumann wrote:

I tried theming my jEdit. It worked quite well (would probably take some weeks of minor changes to get it in a sufficient state) but currently I can't find a switch to change color of the general code inside quotes (it remains black). Same applies for ML {* *}. Are there any?

There are many layers of formal markup, and many potential layers of markup are suppressed for simplicity.

Above you can probably get along with quoted_color in "Plugin Options / Isabelle / Rendering". It requires an alpha channel (transparency) to work properly.

See also $ISABELLE_HOME/src/Tools/jEdit/src/rendering.scala for further details. The markup trees that are interpreted here are somehow private to the prover. They are mapped to certain public rendering parameters defined in the "Rendering" section of Isabelle system options.

This configures the Isabelle/jEdit display engine, not the one of jEdit. The latter is mainly defined by "Global Options / Syntax Highlighting" and "Global Options / Text Area", but many of these colors have overrides in Isabelle/jEdit. (I do my own text painting.)

(Bonus points if there is an extra category for the quotes, allowing to remove them visually.)

In some sense, all these different quotes {*...*} "..." ''...'' and their complicated rules for nesting are legacy. If one could assume that there would be always some Prover IDE view on text, without TTY or Proof General legacy, one could simplify that substantially -- both the syntax and visual appearance of it. That is probably a bit speculative at this point, where old XEmacs is still in use.

On the other hand, Isabelle2013-1 has already some visual devices that are only visible in Isabelle/jEdit, like the "virtual bullets" for multiple items in certain output.


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