Re: [isabelle] [Isabelle2013-1 RC] Scalability problem with re-entrant build of the whole distribution

On 13/11/13 11:35, Gerwin Klein wrote:
> I even nondeterministically got "out of heap memory" and "too small
> initial heap size" while fiddling with the settings. The machine has
> 32G memory, and there were on the order of 10 log files only, so
> there's no way it actually ran out of memory parsing them.

I have had to manually increase the Java heap size for jEdit for larger
proofs. One the commented out examples in "src/Tools/jEdit/etc/settings"

   JEDIT_JAVA_OPTIONS="-Xms512m -Xmx4096m -Xss8m -Dactors.corePoolSize=4 -Dactors.enableForkJoin=false"

which adding to my "~/.isabelle/etc/settings" helps me to avoid the "out
of heap memory" errors.



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