[isabelle] Engineer and funded PhD position available, formal methods applied to filesystems


The goal of the EPSRC-funded "Future filesystems" project is to apply
formal methods to the specification, validation, implementation and
verification of filesystems. The PI is Tom Ridge

We have 2 positions available.

Position: engineer (6 months)

We seek a skilled programmer/developer/engineer to help with
validation of a specification of POSIX-like filesystems. The
specification is written in a pure subset of OCaml, and much of the
supporting infrastructure is also written in OCaml. Further details
are here:


The closing date for applications is ***Wednesday, November 20th***
(i.e. very soon).

Position: PhD student

We may also have funds to support a PhD student. The student may work
on the project described above, or may choose to work on another topic
broadly in the area of formal methods and theorem proving. Please
contact Tom Ridge (tr61 at le.ac.uk) if you are interested (include a
CV and a statement describing your proposed research topic). A formal
advert may appear in the future, depending on availability of funds.



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