[isabelle] two new AFP entries

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Maria Spichkova

An Isabelle/HOL formalisation of stream processing components introduced in Focus, a framework for formal specification and development of interactive systems. This is an extended and updated version of the formalisation, which was elaborated within the methodology "Focus on Isabelle". In addition, we also applied the formalisation on three case studies that cover different application areas: process control (Steam Boiler System), data transmission (FlexRay communication protocol), memory and processing components (Automotive-Gateway System).

Christoph Benzmüller

Dana Scott's version of Gödel's proof of God's existence is formalized in quantified modal logic KB (QML KB). QML KB is modeled as a fragment of classical higher-order logic (HOL); thus, the formalization is essentially a formalization in HOL.

Larry Paulson

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