[isabelle] Job announcement: formal methods engineer

Dear all,

[My excuses if see this email more than once]

FireEye Inc. seeks outstanding formal-methods experts to join
FireEye's software verification team in Dresden, Germany.
Applicants should have strong knowledge in logical reasoning,
software modeling and formal software verification.
FireEye is a next generation security company that provides the
industry's leading cross-enterprise threat protection technology
to dynamically identify and block cyber-attacks in real time.
FireEye was ranked fourth fastest growing company in North
America and won the Wall Street Journal Innovation Award in 2012.
By joining FireEye you may contribute to protect the world from
the next generation of cyber-attacks!
If you are interested or have questions, please contact 
Hendrik Tews via Dresden at FireEye.com or 
Roland Carter <roland.carter at FireEye.com> or visit FireEye's
careers page at http://FireEye.com/careers . Look up
http://FireEye.com for more information about FireEye.


Hendrik Tews

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