Re: [isabelle] Stray processes on Windows

On Fri, 22 Nov 2013, Gottfried Barrow wrote:

This is sort of a complaint, but you don't need to respond to it. At this point, there are no good solutions when I have a need to refer to Isabelle/jEdit many times is a short amount of space. I can call it "it", but I need to be more explicit most of the time. I can call it "jEdit," but I know it's not supposed to be called "jEdit," because it's not "jEdit". My solution, maybe, is to start calling it "PIDE". That's 4 characters, which is efficient, as long as the meaning is clear.)

So far I did not have the impression that you economize the character counts of your text :-)

"PIDE" is fine -- it is the umbrella term for the "Prover IDE" concepts and implementations, and covers all particular implementations, e.g. Isabelle/jEdit, Isabelle/Eclipse (Newcastle), clide (Bremen).

The confusion of the "Isabelle/jEdit" prover IDE with the "jEdit" text editor is particularly critical, since "jEdit" is a well-known brand in certain communities. Posting about Isabelle/jEdit on Stackoverflow or on the jedit mailing lists, but calling it just "jEdit" would cause unnecessary problems.

And yes, Isabelle/jEdit adds so much to the basic jEdit substrate that it deserves its own branding. (I did not anticipate so much extra work when I started the project around 2008.)


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