Re: [isabelle] Fwd: Isabelle "Identity" Build Sessions

On Wed, 27 Nov 2013, Alfio Martini wrote:

Since my primitive solution mentioned bellow does not to seem to always to
work, I found the following
workaround: force cleaning before running the session again

isabelle build -v -c -D Session

Was this (cleaning) expected to be done (like in the old times of "make
clean" before rerunning the session?

Yes, build option -c is the standard way to enforce a clean build.

In any case you should make sure that all add-on tex files are declared in the 'files' section of the ROOT file -- this is not checked by the system, and thus reminiscent of the old IsaMakefiles.

The build system also takes changes of the ROOT specification and its options into account, but not changes of command line options. If you have run a session already without document or browser_info, but want it now with -o document=pdf -o browser_info you need to add -c to the command line to make double-sure.

In some sense, the connection of batch builds with document preparation is just a historical accident. I would like to see this eventually as part of the Prover IDE, without funny command line tools to be re-iterated all the time.


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