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                             Call for Papers

               Annals of Mathematics and Artificial Intelligence
                    Special Issue on Geometric Reasoning

Geometry is one of most studied areas of mathematics and, though its role as a foundational system has evolved over time, it remains key to our understanding of many aspects of the world. It is one of the first areas to which Artificial
Intelligence (AI) was applied and has remained the focus of much work in the
field, giving rise to new mathematical concepts and techniques, heuristics,
algorithms, and applications over the past fifty years. In view of the importance of geometry and the sustained advances in the field of computer-based geometric reasoning and its applications, the time seems ripe to take stock of the progress so far and look at some of the latest mathematical and AI-related advances in
the field. Thus, we invite original contributions -- ranging from theory to
implementations and applications -- and insightful surveys to a special issue of the Annals of Mathematics and Artificial Intelligence on Geometric Reasoning.

Relevant topics include (but are not limited to):

* Automated and interactive theorem proving in geometry involving algebraic,
  logical, and/or probabilistic approaches.
* Symbolic and numerical methods for geometric computation and constraint
* The formal verification of geometric algorithms, for instance in relation to
  computational geometry.
* Reasoning and manipulation via diagrams, including approaches based on dynamic
* The design, implementation, and evaluation of software for geometric reasoning.
* Knowledge management and libraries of test problems for theorem proving in
* The applications to geometric modelling, CAGD/CAD, computer vision, robotics,
  and education.


Prospective authors should follow the instructions set out by the Annals of
Mathematics and Artificial Intelligence on its webpage
(http://www.springer.com/computer/ai/journal/10472) and submit their articles through Springer's Editorial Manager System (at https://www.editorialmanager.com/amai)
by the deadline indicated below.

Please note that the guest editors will first carry a quick assessment of each submission and only papers that are deemed relevant to the special issue and are
of high enough quality will be forwarded to at least two referees for full,
independent reviews.

Important dates

* Submissions due: December 31, 2013
* First-round acceptance notification: March  31, 2014
* Revised versions due: April 30, 2014
* Final decision: June 30, 2014
* Final papers due: August 31, 2014
* Publication date: 2014 (To be confirmed)

Special Issue Editors

* Jacques Fleuriot (University of Edinburgh, UK)
* Tetsuo Ida (University of Tsukuba, Japan)

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