Re: [isabelle] Isabelle2013-1-RC1 available for testing

Dear all,

Something I noticed after switching my brain to beginners mode and starting Isabelle "for the first time".

It might be helpful if Isabelle/jEdit would provide some more tool tips. I'm talking especially about the following buttons (with some very crude suggestions attached):

  - Find (e.g., "Search for existing facts")
  - Output (e.g., "Isabelle's reply to the command at the cursor position")
  - Sledgehammer (e.g., "Apply external provers to the current proof goal")
  - Symbols (e.g., "A collection of available mathematical symbols")
- Documentation (e.g., "Documents describing all things Isabelle and examples") - Sidekick (I have no clue... I never use it myself; could somebody enlighten me about its use cases?) - Theories (e.g., "Collection of all loaded theories (a red(?) bar indicates how much of each theory has still to be processed)")



On 10/04/2013 03:01 AM, Makarius wrote:
Dear Isabelle users,

the Isabelle2013-1 release is scheduled for November 2013.  Before
actual lift-off we have approx. 5 weeks of public testing of release

See for the main
website where this is organized.  There is also a link to an issue
tracker on the same Bitbucket site.

The website with downloads etc. is

Observations from testing release candidates may be discussed here on
isabelle-users (not isabelle-dev), on the bitbucket tracker, or via
private mail.

Active participation in testing is important to iron out small problems,
and raise the overall quality of the system for everybody. There is a
particular challenge to make all platforms work smoothly: Linux,
Windows, Mac OS X.  The Isabelle quality standards and user expectations
have continously increased in recent years, while all major operating
system vendors and distributors are on a slight downwards curve.

The time to sort out issues is now.  Note that I will myself be on
vacation from 17-Oct to 04-Nov and make the final launch afterwards.  In
the meantime we have time for 2-3 release candidates.


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