[isabelle] Isabelle 2013 @ Fedora 64bits


Local support is trying to install Isabelle 2013 (prior to current release) on 64bit
machines running Fedora (Linux). This is to use Isabelle for undergraduates at Newcastle.

Isabelle 2012 / 13 used to work before on these workstations. The department
improved all lab machines to become 64 bits, and now, after installing Isabelle again,
support tells me they are getting this:

bash-4.2$ isabelle jedit
### Cannot execute Poly/ML in 32bit mode (missing shared libraries for C/C++)
### Using bulky 64bit version of Poly/ML instead
/usr/local/Isabelle/2013/lib/Tools/java: line 6: /usr/local/Isabelle/2013/contrib/jdk-7u13/x86_64-linux/jdk1.7.0_13/bin/java: No such file or directory

Any suggestion on what is the problem or how to fix it?

Many thanks

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