[isabelle] *.desktop entries and Arch packages [Re: Isabelle2013-1-RC2 available for testing]

2013-10-09 15:29 Makarius:
> On Wed, 9 Oct 2013, Christoph LANGE wrote:
>> Wouldn't it be easier to provide a *.desktop file instead?  (See
>> https://wiki.archlinux.org/index.php/Desktop_Entries for documentation.)
>> I think these are widely understood across Linux desktop environments.
> I was trying that recently, but the freedesktop.org standardization
> committee does not support the idea of relative paths in .desktop
> specifications.  See also
> http://lists.freedesktop.org/archives/xdg/2011-June/011992.html

Oh, I see, I didn't know; thanks for pointing out.

> Are you actually using Arch Linux yourself, or is the above URL just an
> accident?

Neither.  I'm using Gentoo Linux, but Arch Linux has an excellent online
documentation, and therefore that Arch wiki entry was the first good
reference I found on the *.desktop format.

> I am just trying to tick major Linux fractions as "tested",
> although for Arch everybody needs to start from scratch anyway in the
> selection of packages so it is hard to test anything once and for all.

What do you mean?  I thought that Isabelle, given its very specific Java
and jEdit dependencies, does not integrate well with package managers
anyway (i.e. maintainers can't easily provide an Isabelle package, which
would depend on some version of the distribution's Java and jEdit
packages), and that therefore the recommended way is to unzip the
all-in-one download, which brings its own dependencies.  Which is what I
do (even though, in principle, I'd like the "package" approach better) –
and I haven't had any problems on Gentoo so far.



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