Re: [isabelle] *.desktop entries and Arch packages [Re: Isabelle2013-1-RC2 available for testing]

2013-10-09 16:07 Makarius:
> There is a fundamental flaw in the model of classic package management:

Good that you added "classic", …

> it makes equivalence classes of components of the same base name:
> "java", "jedit", "polyml" etc. and does not support precise dependencies
> on particular versions, or depencies on particular configurations of
> certain software components, or multiple such configurations at the same
> time without interfering.

… because Gentoo and some other distributions support all of these.

> At the start of the Isabelle/PIDE and Isabelle/jEdit project I was much
> more naive about that, and was still supporting the idea that the user
> provides *some* JDK via his base system, but no JDK is equaivalent to
> any other one, not even of the very same version number.

I acknowledge that this is a problem, and it probably can't be fixed, as
the Oracle JDK is non-free.



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