Re: [isabelle] *.desktop entries and Arch packages [Re: Isabelle2013-1-RC2 available for testing]

On Wed, 9 Oct 2013, Christoph LANGE wrote:

Please see:

* for depending on specific version: (section
"Version Dependencies")

* for depending on a specific configuration of a package: same page
(section "Built with USE Dependencies") – the package depended on needs
to have the given configuration feature prepared as a "USE flag", but
that's the case with most widely used packages.

* for multiple versions of a package at the same time:

Thanks, I will study this further, just to know what is the current approach in that camp.

I acknowledge that this is a problem, and it probably can't be fixed, as the Oracle JDK is non-free.

This is another old argument, and the side-conditions have changed several times, sometimes this way sometimes that way. I still don't quite understand why Oracle JDK is called non-free.

Maybe I did injustice to Oracle, but as you said that "no JDK is equaivalent to any other one, not even of the very same version number" I thought that's probably a typical symptom of a software package with, let's say, a non-open communication model.

There are several problems coming together here, and the "open" model is no solution either. Why does the open Linux Mint mess with its window manager in a way that even its own version of OpenJDK does not work properly? Searching the web for such incidents reveals tracker items that are several years old and still open. (At least the openess of the tracker helps to guess which workarounds can be applied on our side.)

Anyway, we should work out the Gentoo problem with C-B for explicit completion in Isabelle/jEdit.

I have already learned something about Fedora 18/19 by getting to the bottom of a completely different keyboard problem. For Gentoo it will be more difficult, since I can't make my own installation of it in finite time.


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