Re: [isabelle] *.desktop entries and Arch packages [Re: Isabelle2013-1-RC2 available for testing]

On Wed, 9 Oct 2013, Christoph LANGE wrote:

2013-10-09 17:00 Makarius:
Anyway, we should work out the Gentoo problem with C-B for explicit
completion in Isabelle/jEdit.

As I have just realised this may be a different problem than what I had

OK, so we close the issue once more on the mailing list.

Note that Isabelle/jEdit tries to find a middle ground in providing sensible defaults for theory editing and preserving original jEdit behaviour.

For the completion I have added the "isabelle.complete" action and made it the default for the C-B keyboard shortcut that was formerly "complete-word". The corresponding menu item actually refers to the old action. If you were actually using "complete-word" for its own merits, you can invent new keyboard mappings to avoid the conflict.

The explicit mode of "isabelle.complete" does have some virtues that were not there in Isabelle2013. It requires some practice to figure out its dynamics (and options). It is essentially a computer game, but so far with little documentation.


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