[isabelle] RC2: jEdit macros don't work with \<^sub> in them

I'm using Windows.

jEdit is not treating .bsh files as simple text files, which causes my macros to return an error and not work like they did in Isabelle2013.

For a test case, I record a simple macro while in jEdit, and save it to test.bsh, the contents which is this:


Before exiting jEdit, I can run that macro in a THY file and it doesn't cause an error, though the inserted text shows \<^sub>1 rather than a subscripted 1 like it should. Also, before exiting, the text in test.bsh is displayed as ASCII text like it should be.

When I exit jEdit and start it back up, the macro, when run, now causes a Beanshell error. Also, in the window where test.bsh is viewed, jEdit now displays \<^sub> as a graphical bar.

I attach a screenshot showing how jEdit is not displaying only ASCII text in test.bsh.


Attachment: jEdit macro problem.png
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