Re: [isabelle] *.desktop entries and Arch packages [Re: Isabelle2013-1-RC2 available for testing]

Am 09.10.2013 17:43, schrieb Christoph LANGE:
> 2013-10-09 16:33 Makarius:
>> On Wed, 9 Oct 2013, Christoph LANGE wrote:
>>> 2013-10-09 16:07 Makarius:
>>>> it makes equivalence classes of components of the same base name:
>>>> "java", "jedit", "polyml" etc. and does not support precise dependencies
>>>> on particular versions, or depencies on particular configurations of
>>>> certain software components, or multiple such configurations at the same
>>>> time without interfering.
>>> … because Gentoo and some other distributions support all of these.
>> I am not sure about this.  It depends both on technical side-conditions
>> and the mindset of packagers.
>> Can I have many versions of the same application at the same time?
> Sure – trust an experienced Gentoo user writing this email.

I'd like to disagree here. While Gentoo supports slotting (i.e. multiple
versions installed at once), only a few packages are slotted, and also
the slots might be too wide for certain uses (e.g. jdks are slotted by
5,6,7,... and not by minor version). Furthermore, depending on the
package, consumers might not work with multiple versions of a dependency
installed (cf slotting boost).

The same holds for configurations: A too restricted dependency (most
notable: needing to have a feature disabled) will quickly result in trouble.

So while Gentoo supports all those thing in theory, it would probably
not work out in practice.

- René

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