Re: [isabelle] IMP Theories of the Book 'Concrete Semantics'

Dear Alfio,

The IMP theories are indeed the ones in the distribution, but you need
Isabelle2013-1 for that, not Isabelle2013.

Thank you for your kind words.

Am 13/10/2013 15:40, schrieb Alfio Martini:
> Dear Tobias and Gerwin,
> First of all, thank you both for the excellent book on Concrete Semantics.
> It is very polished
> and contains a  wealth of material that is nowhere to be found in a single
> book.
> Besides,  its innovative, concrete approach with the Isabelle proof
> assistant
> will certainly increase the interest of many computing professionals and
> students alike for the study of semantics of programming languages.
> However, in the page
> the IMP theories (either as .thy files or as a PDF document) are not
> available (broken link). Can I assume that they are the ones that
> are distributed with Isabelle?
> Best!

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