Re: [isabelle] RC2 for testing; Toplevel.timing has no affect anymore

On Thu, 10 Oct 2013, Gottfried Barrow wrote:


When I change any "Plugin Options" and then hit apply, the text will be purple until I scroll the screen a little. When I'm having problems, and turning the auto checkers on and off to see if they're causing the problem, I can think the purple text after the option change is related to the problems I'm having.

There is a more serious socket problem behind this, see also

I've spend 1-2 days looking through the socket implementation of Poly/ML and Java/Scala and TCP/IP manual pages. It is still unclear what can be done. The problem only manifests itself in relatively rare situations, i.e. an empty edit following the options change, which explains why it was not noticed before.

Another reason why it was overlooked is that people on isabelle-dev rarely use Windows. But Linux and Mac OS X also have their own problems in different departments. I reckon that the amount of issues and annoyances is approximately equal on all 3 platforms now.

I hope to make Isabelle2013-1-RC3 tomorrow, probably without any change in that corner. Then I am on vacation from 17-Oct..04-Nov. Afterwards comes the final round for final lift-off of the Isabelle2013-1 release.


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