[isabelle] Jinja-Threads build problem

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Refering to Isabelle2013-1-RC2

Hi all.

I have done some modifications to the Collection framework, and adapted

In Proof-General, I can load JinjaThreads.thy within half an hour or so.
Jedit seems to get stuck, it already runs for 2 hours when I write this
mail, without any visible progress.

However, when I try 
  isabelle build -j 10 -v -D JinjaThreads

it writes that it loads all theories, and then gets stuck. The last
output is:

JinjaThreads: theory JMM_Compiler_Type2
JinjaThreads: theory JMM
JinjaThreads: theory MM_Main
JinjaThreads: theory JinjaThreads

At this point, it gets stuck (>10h on lxbroy10, before I cancelled the

What might have happened here? Does the build-tool write some log-file
where I can inspect what happened?

On the original JinjaThreads, the build tool finishes a few seconds
after the last line has been output.

As the number of theories that JinjaThreads depends on has increased due
to my modification: Is there some size-limit that I might have hit?

I have attached a zip-file, that contains the modified version of
JinjaThreads and all (modified) prerequisites in the folder "Lib".

Any hints or help is appreciated.


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