[isabelle] Problem with Session-Creation

Dear all,

I had recurrently a problem with the creation of a session.

I can pin it down to the following scenario:

I created a directory "Demo", went in, and fired the command:

/usr/local/isabelle/Isabelle2013/bin/isabelle mkroot -d -n Test 

As expected, ROOT and document were generated, and I edited
a simple test theory Test.thy (see below.)

I edited the ROOT file appropriately (see below.)

Finally I wanted to generate the .pdf's and the session via:

/usr/local/isabelle/Isabelle2013/bin/isabelle build  Test

and get the somewhat surprising answer:

Undefined session(s): "Test"
0:00:03 elapsed time, 0:00:03 cpu time

Any hints or comments ?

Best regards,


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