Re: [isabelle] Finding a node name in the graph browser

On Mon, 7 Apr 2014, Florian Haftmann wrote:

Obviously adding a text search to this ancient AWT application seems out of focus.

That AWT / Java 1.1 graph browser is so ancient that it falls outside of the usual Isabelle vocabulary of "old", "legacy", "obsolete" etc.

Some years ago there was an initiative to replace it, but the student who did it spent 2 years on something that turned out to lack half of the layout algorithm, and was generally unusable.

Since then, the new Graphview is waiting to be finished by someone who knows a bit of Scala, how the original browser works, and generally how such things are done properly.

But maybe sorting the nodes lexically would be a pragmatic work-around.

The list is in principle in topological order, but a bit funny due to the low-level string order that compares length first.

When I introduced the 'class_deps' commands several years ago, it was not meant very seriously: the class algebra was already beyond naive browsability at that time.

What I find generally frustrating is that in about 20 years nothing new seems to have happened concerning DAG layout. People draw funny undirected "social networks" these days, but still refer to old DOT / Graphviz for directed graphs.


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