Re: [isabelle] Help with configuring Cygwin Home

On Wed, 16 Apr 2014, Pasupuleti, Vijay wrote:

I am trying (but failing) to use Isabelle in conjunction with another tool, Symphony.

Can you say what Symphony is, and how it needs to be connected to Isabelle? A quick web search gives the following

I need to have write permissions to my Isabelle heaps directory, which is a subdirectory of the following location.


The directory $USER_HOME is nothing but the home directory as per Cygwin installation (that is what I gather, I could be wrong).

That is a bit odd. The separate $USER_HOME (instead of better known $HOME) was introduced specifically for the purpose of Windows and Cygwin, to refer to the normal Windows user home directory, not the one within the Cygwin root.

We need to figure out where that $USER_HOME comes from. The default is determined like this:

  if [ -z "$USER_HOME" ]; then
    USER_HOME="$(cygpath -u "$HOMEDRIVE\\$HOMEPATH")"

This assumes that there is no other source for a different $USER_HOME and that "$HOMEDRIVE\\$HOMEPATH" refer to the correct location.

But this directory seems to be picked up from a network location, as the machine is part of a domain at the university. I do not have write permissions to that directory, and would like to change it to a directory on my local drive.

Does that mean Isabelle is installed centrally on a network drive? That is basically OK -- it used to be done like that often in the past -- but in recent years it came out of use since people usually have their private machines.


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