Re: [isabelle] Here's 54 ML_file imports from SML/NJ Library; fix regexp-lib.sml if you'd like

On 14-04-17 05:56, Lawrence Paulson wrote:
Type cs is abstract. It should not be possible to write code that depends on whether it is “int” or not.


I might finally be understanding what you're saying.

The signature STRING_CVT is the same for both Poly/ML and SML/NJ, which is where the signatures of cs, reader, and scanstring are defined.

All I know is that I can't experiment with loading a modified SML/NJ StringCvt because the things it wants to load are at the compiler level.

I need to look at trying to run regexp-lib.sml under SML/NJ. If I can't get it to run under SML/NJ, it might make sense.


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