[isabelle] Symbol Shortcuts vs. LaTeX code

Dear List,

I’m currently in the phase where I make my theories nicely looking, and
I’m adding text. This means that I’m writing LaTeX code in text {* .. *}
blocks, and suddenly the automatic completion of abbreviations are very
annoying: I can’t enter, say \cite{foo}, without getting ∘te{foo}.

Since this is (I believe) a common use case I wonder if I am overlooking
something – can I make Isabelle/jEdit be smarter about this?

Is there maybe a way of entering a \ that prevents a following auto
completion? I tried “\\cite” (which would be a way that I would have
discovered without reading documentation), but that does not work.

(I guess I can disable auto completion in the options, but that’s 6
mouse clicks in the midst of a keyboard-only workflow, so I’d consider
that a work-around, no better than typing cite C-← \ C-→).


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