Re: [isabelle] .isabelle and reading theories

On 14-08-05 03:27, Gergely Buday wrote:
Removing ~/.isabelle/Isabelle-2013-2 and creating a fresh install cured the

What does Isabelle/JEdit store in that directory that affects reading

The file .isabelle/Isabelle-2013-2/jedit/recent.xml can cause problems. I forgot why, but I see now that I renamed it several weeks ago to keep jEdit from using it, and to see if it was the problem, which it was.

Any configuration file that gets saved and then automatically loaded from "Isabelle-2013-2/jedit" or "Isabelle-2013-2/etc" is a potential problem.

Another one might be "Isabelle-2013-2/jedit/properties". Look at the dates to see if they're being saved, and then rename them to force jEdit to not use them or to force it to create a new file.


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