Re: [isabelle] outputting colours in isabelle documents

On Tue, 5 Aug 2014, Alexander Kurz wrote:

Is there an elegant way of outputting different colours? Eg Isabelle code in black and the latex text in between in blue?

Isabelle document preparation is a fine art, and many more tricks have accumulated over the years. Ultimately the generated tex source determines the meaning within the typesetting system. I recommend to study the generated .tex sources from the .thy and the isabelle sty files -- it all accumulates in the document_output directory.

A simple way to change the style for 'text' blocks is this:


You can also use semi-formal "tags" of document elements. Some commands already have an implicit tag, e.g. theory begin/end and proof commands. Their style can be changed like this:



The notation %mytag after some command changes the default tag on the spot and inserts isatag macros accordingly, which can then be defined in latex.


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