[isabelle] Tab completion slow in Isabelle2014-RC2

When typing fast and using tab completion in Isabelle204-RC2 I often end up with e.g. "sle<tab>" instead of "sledgehammer" when the system is under some load. In 2013-2 no matter how hard I try I always get the completion. I believe that I have changed all relevant settings to intermediate/0.


Am 04.08.14 17:52, schrieb Makarius:
Dear Isabelle users,

after 8 days of testing Isabelle2014-RC1, the second official
release candidate Isabelle2014-RC2 is now available:


The following fine points that have been addressed:

  * tuning of documentation

  * update of Haskabelle to work with recent versions of ghc

  * minor changes to SMT2, sledgehammer, datatype_new tools

  * misc tuning and clarification of PIDE interaction

Observations and problems of release candidates may be discussed here on isabelle-users, or via private mail with the person who is responsible (when that is obvious).

In the next round it will become more difficult to find the remaining problems. People who have reported anything for previous release candiates should check again if the situation has indeed improved.

Ambitious users may already start updating their existing applications to work with Isabelle2014-RC2 -- it should be hardly distinguishable from final Isabelle2014.


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