Re: [isabelle] Isabelle2014-RC2 cursor moveable but no text input.

Am 08.08.14 15:29, schrieb Makarius:
The main difference in the Isabelle2014-RC line is that the cursor of an unfocused jEdit text area is shown in this special color. The input behviour should be the same as before -- apart from some other fine tuning elsewhere.
Yes but I find having a visible cursor you can move and select text with and so on confusing.
This behaviour stems from jEdit. Any discussions about the general editor functionality should be continued at the jedit-devel mailing list, where I am also subscribed. That sourceforge project is in dire need of some people who help moving it forward -- jEdit 5.2 is actually scheduled for this summer.
I wouldn't expect that Project to survive outside the Isabelle world. I think the editor itself isn't that great and will only live from "forks" like Isabelle/jEdit that customize it to their needs and backport improvements. You may forward my report if you like as I won't setup another mailing list.

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