Re: [isabelle] Isabelle2014-RC2 cursor moveable but no text input.

On Fri, 8 Aug 2014, bnord wrote:

 This behaviour stems from jEdit.  Any discussions about the general editor
 functionality should be continued at the jedit-devel mailing list, where I
 am also subscribed.  That sourceforge project is in dire need of some
 people who help moving it forward -- jEdit 5.2 is actually scheduled for
 this summer.
I wouldn't expect that Project to survive outside the Isabelle world. I think the editor itself isn't that great and will only live from "forks" like Isabelle/jEdit that customize it to their needs and backport improvements.

I never intended to "fork" the jEdit project in any way. The Isabelle/jEdit plugin is a normal plugin, but happens to be written in Scala. That imposes technical side-conditions on it that are not there for Java plugins -- due to binary incompatibilities in the Scala world.

Note that I started the Isabelle/jEdit PIDE implementation, because I considered jEdit to be the best text editor after vi and Emacs, and I still hold up to that. jEdit and Scala taken together were the reasons for me to get on the odd JVM platform in 2006, and even that still turns out the best choice until today -- due to lack of alternatives.


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