[isabelle] Isabelle2014-RC3: mouse offset and C-hover issue

Hi Makarius,

with RC3 I have the "offset-issue" again.

This time, and I think that is a first, this also impacts Ctrl-hover however. Also the wmname trick as e.g. mentioned in


does not help anymore.

To be more precise (I'm on Fedora 20 x86_64 with Gnome): When I start Isabelle/jEdit for the first time its window does not use the full screen size (at this point menus and C-hover still works). So I usually double-click on the title bar in order to make the window as big as the screen. After that the mouse-pointer has an offset for all menus (i.e., I have to point somewhat lower and more to the right of the screen in order to "hit" with the mouse). That alone would not be so bad. But also now C-hover does not work anymore. More specifically, the word I point at is still highlighted by a gray rectangle, as usual, but no popup shows up.

With Isabelle2013-2 this issue does not occur (after using the wmname trick). I did not check with RC1 or RC2 since I did not have them readily available on my machine.



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