Re: [isabelle] Isabelle2014-RC4: Isabelle/jEdit action for C-hover

Am 20.08.2014 14:50, schrieb Makarius:

>> I'm asking since while showing Isabelle/jEdit to others I often get
>> the question whether it wasn't possible to avoid using the mouse.
> I wonder where this anti-mouse movement is coming from.  Nostalgic users
> of vi?  Or bad mouse hardware? 

Neither; it's increased productivity. When I'm typing with both hands,
but then need to transfer one hand to the mouse and spend several
seconds on aiming the pointer exactly where I need it, this is a larger
disruption. Especially when this switch has to be done quite often.

A mouse is an efficient tool, when I don't need the keyboard or resting
one hand there is sufficient, like for example for browsing, gaming or
others. But not for developing or writing in general.

It is also quite ok, when I'm only skimming through a theory and looking
at different things or try to understand a certain proof. Then it's ok
to point here and there.

mouse_ok <-> number_of_chars_to_write < 20

(or sth like that :))

- René

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