Re: [isabelle] Isabelle2014-RC4: Isabelle/jEdit action for C-hover

Am 20.08.14 16:53, schrieb Makarius:
If the reluctance to use the mouse is a general trend in "development" then current IDEs must have keyboard shortcuts for the tooltip idioms that we have. Maybe someone wants to look around and write a summary for the situation in Eclipse, Netbeans, IntelliJ IDE, Visual Studio.
In Eclipse there is F2 for the tool tip and F3 for open declaration and of course a lot of other useful stuff, I virtually never use the mouse when writing Scala code in Eclipse except for creating new run configurations, during debugging and stuff, but even there I prefer tabbing through forms and stuff over using the mouse.

Another feature I miss is instance highlighting to directly see where the term/fact under the cursor is used and the equivalent of a call hierarchy for theorems.

I don't use the other IDEs but I'm very confident that they'll have similar features, a quick web search produced Crtl+F1 for InteliJ.

However I seldom use the tool tip in Isabelle/jEdit, what may be nice if it wouldn't just show the type but also the definition and maybe a selection of theorems in which the term appears, respectively the fact itself when hovering a fact.

Keyboard support for open declaration together with for moving back and forth would be nice. Yet this would become less necessary if the tool tip already would show the definition, I use this a lot in my PDF viewer (Skim, with the mouse) where hovering a link opens a tool tip showing the linked position which is incredibly useful for looking up citations.


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