Re: [isabelle] Unable to get document preparation system to work

Sorry, my bad. There was some interference in my test case.

Am 22.08.14 13:36, schrieb Makarius:
On Thu, 21 Aug 2014, bnord wrote:

Just wanted to pop this up again as the issue persists with 2014-RC4 and comment.sty version 3.7 is in the stable branch of tex live.

What exactly do you mean by "the issue persists"?

The approach from 29-Jan-2014 still works today: using comment.sty 3.6 before the desastrous "fix". A copy of it was already included in all Isabelle2014 release candidates, so it should work by default, if documents are built the standard way. The "system" manual has an example for that:

  isabelle mkroot -d Test && isabelle build -D Test

You can then look in Test/output/document/root.log to see that a local copy of comment.sty is used. If not, there is something utterly wrong.


Am 31.01.14 19:44, schrieb Makarius:
 On Wed, 29 Jan 2014, Makarius wrote:

>  On Wed, 29 Jan 2014, James Lingard wrote:
> > > >     comment.sty   9666    2014-01-23 07:36:21
> > > > > That's weird. The copyright at the top of the file says July 2009. > > If it > > really is brand new then that explains why I might have been the > > first
> >   person to run into this.
> > So from where did you get that version? TeXlive is not there yet, > luckily. > > I use myself CTAN only as occasional reference, but have no idea how it > is actually maintained. There is also no immediately visible changeset > history, with names of authors etc. > > Maybe it is just an accident, with some experiment that someone made at > some point, to the anoyance of plain TeX users.

 I've looked again more closely at CTAN: the situation of is a bit odd, because comment.sty has been copied over with that 3.7 version from
 2009, while everything else is still saying 3.6, including the
 documentation (which claims that the package works with Plain TeX).

I've also tried again if it is feasible to run in regular LaTeX mode, but then it is very slow, as already noticed in 2005, when I made this setup
 for isabelle.sty.

So the present conclusion of this thread: Anybody who happens to be on a latest-testing-unstable branch of some TeX installation can put a copy of
 the included comment.sty 3.6 into $ISABELLE_HOME/lib/texinputs/. The
 Isabelle document preparation system will copy it from there into the
 document output directory, so that version should take precedence.

The next Isabelle release will probably have that comment.sty 3.6 as well,
 but that is still several months ahead.


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