Re: [isabelle] running bibtex through document preparation

On Mon, 8 Dec 2014, Gergely Buday wrote:

Indeed, I had to symlink my bib file and it worked.

The next thing might be nitpicking but I better mention it: if I
change document/root.bib isabelle build does not produce a new pdf.
For that I need to change theory file like adding a space. Could
isabelle build check for the change of other files such as root.bib?

This should work if all document files are declared in ROOT via document_files. See also this NEWS entry:

* Session ROOT specifications require explicit 'document_files' for
robust dependencies on LaTeX sources.  Only these explicitly given
files are copied to the document output directory, before document
processing is started.

You should also purge your generated output directory to be sure that the dependencies are exactly right.

In Isabelle2014 there is still a legacy mode with non-robust dependencies on LaTeX sources, but that will be no longer there in the next release.



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