[isabelle] Open postdoc position in Florianopolis/Brazil

This position accepts propositions on IoT security protocol specification
and verification.


*Post-Doctoral Open Position*

The Software/Hardware Integration Lab (LISHA) has an open position for a
post-doctoral fellow the field of *embedded real-time systems*.

*The Laboratory*

LISHA was established at UFSC in 1984 to promote research on the frontier
between hardware and software. Since then, LISHA has contributed to a large
number of R&D projects, many of which were executed in cooperation with
international institutions. Computer architecture, hardware design,
operating systems, and computer networks have been the main topics of
interest for the researchers and students associated to the Lab. Late in
the last decade, these topics converged into that that is now LISHA's major
expertise: Embedded Systems.

*Position Description*

The post-doctoral fellow will have the opportunity to work with LISHA
faculty staff and to develop his/her own research agenda in fields related
to embedded systems, such as multicore real-time systems, Internet of
Things (IoT), and dedicated hardware. LISHA offers an environment of
international cooperation as well as the involvement with teaching

*Your Profile*

You must hold a PhD degree that is related to embedded systems and should
have a record in conductining highly competitive research and publishing
your research results in top conferences and journals. Portuguese language
skills is not required. English is mandatory.


A good research environment with international cooperation and freedom to

Involvement with teaching actitivites

2-year contract, R$4.100,00 per month free of taxes

Possibility to work in R&D projects

To apply send an email to lisha @ lisha . ufsc .br with your CV, a
statement of interest, and the name of two references (researches with
doctor degree)

*University and Location*

The Federal University of Santa Catarina (UFSC) is a public university in
Florianopolis. UFSC is one of the leading latin american research
university, being one of the largest universities in Brazil.

Florianopolis is the capital city of Santa Catarina State. It is composed
of one main island, a continental part, and the surrounding small islands.
The city is known for having a high life quality and its 42 beaches, being
the Brazilian capital city with the highest HDI (0.875) according to the
UN. The economy of Florianopolis is heavily based on information
technology, tourism, and services. Newsweek placed Florianopolis in the
"Ten most dynamic cities of the world"* list in 2006.** Veja** magazine, a
Brazilian publication, named the city as "the best place to live" in Brazil*

It is also possible to spend some time at the LISHA facilities in Joinville
-- 200km far from Florianopolis and the biggest city in Santa Catarina


To apply for the position, send an email to lisha @ lisha . ufsc .br with
your CV, a statement of interest, and contact information for two
researchers able to reference you

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