[isabelle] PIDE/Java 8: the future now with much more future yet to come

I thought Java would become the mother of all computing platforms. You say, "Credentials, please." Certainly. A copy of my Sun Certified Java Programming certificate will be coming shortly, unless it doesn't. The future didn't transpire. Microsoft won. Sun lost. And Java merely became a major, ubiquitous presence.

Here's the future:

1) Functional programming that keeps you high and safe, unless you want to work low and dangerous, all in a way that's acceptable to the many.

2) Intermediate languages.

3) Many-core computing.

As a concrete example: Rust, with its foundation in LLVM, where it will surely tie into any GPGPU platform it pleases, since low-level programming is at it's heart, like C.

Yes, all things computing can be compared to old-school C. High-level, but with low-level freedom and power.

With hardware on my mind, for many long months, it has seemed that, for the future, Java got it wrong with it's stack-based virtual machine, and LLVM made it right, with its register-based virtual machine.

But all it takes, when it's all wrong, is for capable people to make what's all wrong all right.

The future, there are parallel paths, with multiple winners when it comes to intermediate languages and virtual machines.

Java, it's still in the running, with companies like AMD tying it's stack-based bytecode into a register-based intermediate language.

There is Java 8/Scala, HSA, HSAIL, and Aparapi/Sumatra, to take the JVM into the same future as Rust and LLVM.



Watch this, about Aparapi and HSA, and get a warm and fuzzy feeling, to give you confidence that Java won't leave you behind, crying, shedding big, Crocodile Dundee crocodile tears. Yea, that guy. He works at NICTA now.


To tap into the full power of the JVM, I figure you'll have to drop down to Java occasionally:


I attach an image of the future now, of jdk-8u25-windows-x64 running the PIDE. I'm pretty sure it's faster than 64-bit SDK 7, but it could be my imagination. That it will continue to work, I don't know.


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