Re: [isabelle] Two configuration questions

On Mon, 10 Feb 2014, Van Staden Stephan wrote:

The provers I enter into the "Provers" field are not the ones that get invoked when I type "sledgehammer". Instead, I must go to the "Sledgehammer" panel and press "Apply" every time. So the solution is unfortunately quite disruptive :(

You *can* press the Apply button, but it does not mean you *must*. Just because there is one (obvious) way does not mean that there are no others.

When the Sledgehammer panel gains focus, its "Provers" field becomes active, and RETURN will run the main operation.

I leave it as an exercise to find out more than one way to have a jEdit dockable window gain focus, just by keyboard control. I don't even know all this myself -- jEdit is very flexible, without making it too heavy or bloated.

Moreover the specific "action" isabelle-sledgehammer might help to apply
general principles of jEdit. See again the Isabelle/jEdit manual and its included link to the jEdit documentation.


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