[isabelle] Jedit and window managers

Hi all,

I'm one of those masochists that use a tiling window manager and have had issues making
Isabelle/jedit unusable that have been discussed on this list previously. I've been languishing in
Proof General land for a while and today I inadvertently opened Isabelle/jedit to discover my
previous GUI show stoppers are gone. In particular, if you full screen jedit (F11) in a tiling
window manager the cursor alignment issues also seem resolved.

I don't know which Isabelle version bump was the cure and I suspect it was just a JRE increment, but
I just wanted to nudge anyone else in the same limbo to give Isabelle/jedit another try on the
latest release.


P.S. Many thanks to David Greenaway for causing me to re-evaluate and realise this.


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