Re: [isabelle] Jedit and window managers

On Sun, 16 Feb 2014, Jens-D. Doll wrote:

-------------- from Makarius on Friday, 14 2014 -----------------------
Nothing of that is speficic to Isabelle/jEdit or jEdit. These are general problems of AWT/Swing versus > X11 window managers, and major projects like Netbeans, IntelliJ, Minecraft have the same problems with > 50% of Linux installations.

Are you saying that there are principal deficiencies with (some) Linux versions or does it only concern SWING in older JDKs on Linux?

The problem is AWT + various X11 window managers (i.e. normally on Linux); Swing is on top of AWT. The situation for Java <= 6 is rather bad, but much better for Java 7 or 8.

E.g. see the OpenJDK discussion which was prompted by yet another fork of some well-known Linux desktop environment. Whenever that happens there is one more "choice" of Linux diversity (i.e. more chaos), and one more step away from Linux as serious desktop OS.

To some extent, recent JDK 7 and 8 have managed to catch up with various window managers, and some others like xmonad have become more flexible to actually support AWT. Compared to Windows and Mac OS X, that is all still a bit fragile, though. I am increasingly estranged from my home platform.


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