Re: [isabelle] Variables in locale assumptions

It's a free variable in each assumption. I would expect the assumptions to be:

(!!S R. pred S R) /\ (!!S R. pred R S)

but what happens is apparently:

(!!S R. pred S R /\ pred R S)

The question is whether the free variables in an assumption are local to the assumption or not. The locale tutorial suggests that they should be local, but maybe I'm wrong.


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Sent: Friday, February 21, 2014 5:57 PM
To: Van Staden  Stephan
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Subject: Re: [isabelle] Variables in locale assumptions

The error seems sensible to me. In a1, R is a relation, and in a2 it's a set. Or maybe I'm missing something?


On 21 Feb 2014, at 16:13, Van Staden Stephan <stephan.vanstaden at> wrote:

> Dear all,
> In Isabelle/jEdit 2013-2, the following locale works fine:
> locale Test =
>  fixes pred :: "'a set ⇒ 'a rel ⇒ bool"
>  assumes a1: "pred S R"
> (*  assumes a2: "pred R S" *)
> begin
> lemma pred_is_UNIV: "pred A B"
>  by (metis a1)
> end
> However, uncommenting assumption a2 gives me the following error:
> Type unification failed
> Type error in application: incompatible operand type
> Operator:  pred :: 'a set ⇒ ('a × 'a) set ⇒ bool
> Operand:   R :: ('a × 'a) set
> Page 2 of the locale tutorial seems to suggest that this is a bug. Or should I expect this behaviour?
> Thanks in advance!
> Stephan

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