Re: [isabelle] Document preparation hints

* Makarius <makarius at> [2014-01-07 16:17 +0100]:
> Since Isabelle/Scala is the actual system programming interface, not the
> command line shell, some time can be saved by working continously within
> "isabelle scala" like this:
>   $ isabelle scala
>   scala> import isabelle._
>   scala> = Options.init, progress = new
>   Build.Console_Progress(verbose = false), more_dirs = List((true,
>   Path.current)))

This is indeed timely advice! Thank you.

What is the best way to skip proofs when generating .tex files in this
way? I was using "ML {* Toplevel.skip_proofs := true *}" but it seems
to have stopped working with Isabelle 2013-x (or I have started making
a mistake).

Or do experts put their development in a base image and then avoid the
temptation to tune it while writing about it?


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