[isabelle] Reformulation question typedef


when i write

typedef larger_three = "{n :: nat. n > 3}"

definition b :: larger_three where
"b = Abs_larger_three 2"
i would like the compiler to reject this instantiation, cause 2 is not larger then 3.

My best solution for this is that the compiler behaves like it accepts it, but secretly makes it undefined:

typedef larger_three = "{n :: nat. n > 3}"

constructNr :: "nat => larger_three"

constructNr_def:  "constructNr k ≡ if k > 3 then Abs_larger_three k else undefined"

definition b :: larger_three where
"b = constructNr 2"

lemma "b = undefined"
by (simp add: b_def constructNr_def)

I would like that the compiler immediately catches this as error, and not behaving as if accepting it and throwing it to undefined.

Can you help me?

Thank you

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