Re: [isabelle] How to build a heap image

On Mon, 13 Jan 2014, Christian Maeder wrote:

whenever a new Isabelle version comes out, I need some time to find out how to build a heap image i.e. for HOLCF.

After unpacking Isabelle2013-2_linux.tar.gz and extending my PATH I now called:

 isabelle build -b -s HOLCF

Have you tried starting the top-level "Isabelle" executable instead? Going to Plugin Options / Isabelle there, you can select a different logic session name. After restart, the required heap image will be built automatically. There is no need for any command line invocation.

In the past 2 year I've spent a lot of efforts to make such things work without further ado. At the same time I have stopped maintaining Isabelle Proof General, and nobody has jumped in, so that is legacy since October 2011.


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